Version 2.7.4
• Fixed download of operating systems failing (thanks Rajit)
• Fixed brew link creation failing (thanks Rajit)
• Fixed runtime removal not completely removing files
• Fixed update window always returning zeroes (will still return a few)
• Fixed 'server byte range' error while downloading (improved cleanup)
• Fixed disk expansion tool not working
• Fixed Hash check not working. (Hopefully, thanks Rajit)
• Updated QEMU to 2.10

Version 2.7.3
• Fixed libjpeg.8 for Pi 2 Thanks again, Markus!
• Fixed brew runtime installation failure

Version 2.7.2
• Fixed crash on launch (how did this happen?) Thanks, Markus!
• Fixed always opening Web Browser when clicking on "About"
• Code refactoring

Changes 2.7.1
• Fixed Incorrect file URLS
• Fixed donationware popup (now shows instead of a long empty delay)
• Fixed Frozen new version number in update window

Changes in 2.7
• Major code refactoring. As such, you may need to reset settings in the Preferences window after updating.
• Added: Open/Close or hide window on launch
• Added: download hashing/verification
• Added: Auto launch on application start
• Added: Migrate a legacy Raspberry Pi Emulator installation
• Added: "start" menu item (can launch from here)
• Changed: Shared folder is disabled by default
• Changed: 'Advanced' menu is now a submenu of 'Config'
• Fixed: 'GUI' mode will now close properly on shutdown
• Fixed: Long launch times (if registered)
• Fixed: Shared folder, disk, and USB (Pi 1) not working
• Fixed: Pi 1 and 2 issues
• Fixed: Incorrect web links
• Fixed: runtime configuration issues
• Many other optimizations, changes, and fixes