Version 2.8
• raspberry pi 3 support
• runtime is now portable, and no longer needs installation.
• bug fixes.
CRC: 4980a311


Version 2.7.17:
• mitigated offline server (added more info & instr.)
• miscellaneous fixes
CRC: 56779ee0

Version 2.7.16:
• fixed diskimage downloads

Version 2.7.15:
• fixed key rejection if no name given, or transferred (Charles)
• app file name changed to 'raspiemu' from 'raspberry pi emu'

Version 2.7.14:
• added stretch lite (faster download)
• fixed inaccurately claiming invalid key
• bug fixes

Version 2.7.13:
• updated pi 2 kernel
• fixed pi 2 launch
• fixed download hash verification

Version 2.7.12:
• changed downloads from http to https (security)
• fixed preference window forgetting your tab
• fixed os setup script not working properly
• fixed installing stretch not removing previous OS
• fixed boot OS/diskimage not deleting an installation properly
• fixed "You have the latest version installed" message at start
• fixed broken launch for some people
• fixed broken networking for some people
known issues: download verification doesn't work

Version 2.7.11:
• fixed update checks & update handling
• fixed raspbian & stretch download (url change)
• minor code refactoring
• code signing identity changed; you may need to right-click and select "open" in Finder

Version 2.7.10:
• URL hotfix
• Other bug fixes/improvements

Version 2.7.9:
• Fixed networking (Pi 1), thanks to Ben
• Opened up network config - you must now specify interface. (E.g "-net nic -net user,hostfwd...")
• Fixed Qemu version on High Sierra (used to think it was on El Capitan, resulting in the use of an outdated version of Qemu)
Known issues:
• SSH and other remote services needs to be manually enabled via raspi-config
• Network configuration may need to be reset via the Config > Network > Reset button
• Pi 2 Mouse may not work. Please use 2.7.8, or visit the
troubleshooting guide for workarounds until further notice.

Version 2.7.8:
• Should fix hash verification
• Fixed 'stetch' typo when installing Raspbian Stretch (thanks, ben)
• Fixed invalid Raspbian Stretch URL (Thanks Dino)

Version 2.7.7
• Fixed boot disk removal not removing Stretch
• Fixed boot disk expansion tool for Stretch
• Fixed always booting Jessie (even if stretch is installed) (Thanks, Ben!)
• New data storage - you may need to re-link your boot disk/image (install a boot disk/image as normal, 'yes' when promoted to keep/relink)

Version 2.7.6
• Added Raspbian Stretch as a boot option (Thanks, Ben!)
• Updated kernels (Thanks, Ben!)
• Fixed restart loop due to missing files (Thanks, Ben!)
• RaspiEmu will no longer reboot automatically - you must now re-launch the emulator.
• Other bug fixes & improvements

Version 2.7.5
• Preliminary support for Raspbian Stretch
• Improvements to networking.
• You can now repair the runtime installation. To initiate repairs, simply upgrade your runtime version when prompted. Thanks ben!
• Fixed runtime receipt not being generated properly.
• Fixed "../bin/Pi-ARM: No such file or directory" and related issues.

Version 2.7.4
• Fixed download of operating systems failing (thanks Rajit)
• Fixed brew link creation failing (thanks Rajit)
• Fixed runtime removal not completely removing files
• Fixed update window always returning zeroes (will still return a few)
• Fixed 'server byte range' error while downloading (improved cleanup)
• Fixed disk expansion tool not working
• Fixed Hash check not working. (Hopefully, thanks Rajit)
• Updated QEMU to 2.10

Version 2.7.3
• Fixed libjpeg.8 for Pi 2 Thanks again, Markus!
• Fixed brew runtime installation failure

Version 2.7.2
• Fixed crash on launch (how did this happen?) Thanks, Markus!
• Fixed always opening Web Browser when clicking on "About"
• Code refactoring

Changes 2.7.1
• Fixed Incorrect file URLS
• Fixed donationware popup (now shows instead of a long empty delay)
• Fixed Frozen new version number in update window

Changes in 2.7
• Major code refactoring. As such, you may need to reset settings in the Preferences window after updating.
• Added: Open/Close or hide window on launch
• Added: download hashing/verification
• Added: Auto launch on application start
• Added: Migrate a legacy Raspberry Pi Emulator installation
• Added: "start" menu item (can launch from here)
• Changed: Shared folder is disabled by default
• Changed: 'Advanced' menu is now a submenu of 'Config'
• Fixed: 'GUI' mode will now close properly on shutdown
• Fixed: Long launch times (if registered)
• Fixed: Shared folder, disk, and USB (Pi 1) not working
• Fixed: Pi 1 and 2 issues
• Fixed: Incorrect web links
• Fixed: runtime configuration issues
• Many other optimizations, changes, and fixes


Version 2.6.4
• Update window new/old were swapped
• Fixed Pi 2 crashing (libjpeg8)
• Removing runtime will now work properly if brew is not used
• Fixed Expand Disk tool not detecting a boot disk
• Fixed registration (forgetting your computer). If you wish to have a renewed license, please contact me at http://snorfi.us/blog/contact

Version 2.6.3
• Added: an option to launch both CLI and GUI (for Pi 2)
• Updated: QEMU runtime to v2.10 (runtime update 6)
• Changed: Will now prompt for Boot Disk through the GUI (instead of CLI)
• Changed: "All set" message only requires one Boot Disk/Image to be installed
• Fixed: Emulation Arguments status stuck on "enabled"
• Fixed: Runtime update skip not skipping
• Fixed: A failed download preventing downloads :P
• Fixed: Using a custom disk not working (Config > Configure boot disk > Modify)
• Fixed: Possible libjpeg 'not found' error

Version 2.6.2
• Updated start window
• Updated runtime QEMU to v2.9
• Added: Port forwarding/Network Arguments
• Fixed: Missing library "libjpeg". Thank-you, Martin!
• Fixed: Some URLS were incorrect (error 404)
• Fixed Pi 1 faulty networking depending on smb/shared disk
• Fixed Pi 2 Emulation Arguments not being saved
• Fixed Runtime setup script
• Fixed QEMU binary not running on Mac OS X 10.11 or below
• Other small changes & fixes

Version 2.6.1:
• Fixed: Blank update window if no update is available
• Fixed: Reversed update window version change from 2.6
• Fixed: Buttons in the USB window vanished
• Fixed: No prompt for setting up the boot disk
• Fixed: Wouldn't launch, from 2.6

Version 2.6:
• Improved: Legibility of script and UI interface
• Improved: User Interface overhaul
• Fixed: A cached copy of Raspbian would instead be re-downloaded
• Fixed: All Set message shown when setup isn't complete.
• Fixed: Runtime update loop
• Fixed: Code signing disappeared somewhere in v2.5
• Fixed: Sometimes the delay window would not pop up
• Fixed: Current/New versions were swapped in update window

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