August 2017


Version 2.6.4
• Update window new/old were swapped
• Fixed Pi 2 crashing (libjpeg8)
• Removing runtime will now work properly if brew is not used
• Fixed Expand Disk tool not detecting a boot disk
• Fixed registration (forgetting your computer). If you wish to have a renewed license, please contact me at

Version 2.6.3
• Added: an option to launch both CLI and GUI (for Pi 2)
• Updated: QEMU runtime to v2.10 (runtime update 6)
• Changed: Will now prompt for Boot Disk through the GUI (instead of CLI)
• Changed: "All set" message only requires one Boot Disk/Image to be installed
• Fixed: Emulation Arguments status stuck on "enabled"
• Fixed: Runtime update skip not skipping
• Fixed: A failed download preventing downloads :P
• Fixed: Using a custom disk not working (Config > Configure boot disk > Modify)
• Fixed: Possible libjpeg 'not found' error

Version 2.6.2
• Updated start window
• Updated runtime QEMU to v2.9
• Added: Port forwarding/Network Arguments
• Fixed: Missing library "libjpeg". Thank-you, Martin!
• Fixed: Some URLS were incorrect (error 404)
• Fixed Pi 1 faulty networking depending on smb/shared disk
• Fixed Pi 2 Emulation Arguments not being saved
• Fixed Runtime setup script
• Fixed QEMU binary not running on Mac OS X 10.11 or below
• Other small changes & fixes

Version 2.6.1:
• Fixed: Blank update window if no update is available
• Fixed: Reversed update window version change from 2.6
• Fixed: Buttons in the USB window vanished
• Fixed: No prompt for setting up the boot disk
• Fixed: Wouldn't launch, from 2.6

Version 2.6:
• Improved: Legibility of script and UI interface
• Improved: User Interface overhaul
• Fixed: A cached copy of Raspbian would instead be re-downloaded
• Fixed: All Set message shown when setup isn't complete.
• Fixed: Runtime update loop
• Fixed: Code signing disappeared somewhere in v2.5
• Fixed: Sometimes the delay window would not pop up
• Fixed: Current/New versions were swapped in update window